Spacey Jane – Sunlight Album

Spacey Jane – Sunlight Album Zip DownloadSpacey Jane – Sunlight Album Zip Download


Spacey Jane are releasing their highly anticipated debut album, Sunlight.


Recorded over the course of 12 months in various parts of Western Australia, it’s summery and jangly, but with a deeper meaning hitting lyrically. Reflecting personal journeys of love, family, health and early-20’s uncertainty – it’s a multifaceted snapshot of growing up in the West.

Spacey Jane – Sunlight Album Tacklist:


1. Good for You
2. Head Cold
3. Skin
4. Good Grief
5. Wasted on Me
6. Booster Seat
7. Love Me Like I Havent Changed
8. Weightless
9. Straightfaced
10. Trucks
11. Hanging
12. Sunlight



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