Samia – The Baby Album

Samia – The Baby Album Download  – The Baby Album Download

New York singer-songwriter Samia has announced her debut album: The Baby is out August 28 via Grand Jury. Samia has also shared the new single “Fit N Full,” with its video directed by Martin MacPherson.

This is what she said: “I wrote this while I was living in the East Village, so overwhelmed by the magic and culture around me and literally only capable of thinking about my fucking body,” Samia explained of “Fit N Full” in a press release. “I tried to write this from the perspective of the person I wanted to be instead of the person who stares at her reflection in the window of Veselka.”

The Baby by Samia Track List:

01 Pool
02 Fit N Full
03 Big Wheel
04 Limbo Bitch
05 Stellate
06 Triptych
07 Does Not Heal
08 Waverly
09 Winnebago
10 Minnesota
11 Is There Something in the Movies?

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