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BTS – Skit. BTS drops another sound track titled Skit. Listen and download BTS – Skit mp3

BTS – Skit Lyrics:

Jimin: He’s always late. Should I say something?
Jin: Right! Jimin-ah, say something!
-Hope: Say something, seriously.
Jin: Right, right!
Suga: Say something on behalf of Bangtan.
Jimin: Okay, I’ll say something to the leader-hyung!
Jin: Right, right. This is unacceptable!
V: Hey, hey! Stop coming late!
: *banging on door* Hey! Jung HoSeok! *ding dong* Open the door!!
All: He’s here.
Suga: Go open the door.
SG&V&JH: Say something.
Jin: Let him have it.
Suga: Ya~ really, say something~
RM: Say something what? What?
J-Hope: He’s here, he’s here.
V: Hyung, Jimin is gonna say something.
RM: I heard my name.
Jimin: Hyung, I thought about it. But don’t you think you’ve gone over the line a little?
J-Hope: What is it? What?
RM: What, what?
Jimin: Don’t you think you’re coming a little late these days?
J-Hope: Ya~
V: What are you saying?
Suga: I personally think that it’s completely understandable considering he’s the leader.
Jimin: Heey~
JK: Leader-hyung can be late.
J-Hope: Hahahaha.
V: Leader-hyung can be late!
RM: Am I not a human?
Jimin: Why are you being like this to me…
V: Who do you think you’re??
J-Hope: Aah~ I’m so tired.
JK: Namjoonnie-hyung is leader, he gets privilegies.
Jin: Exactly, the leader suffers so much.
V: He had a hadr time~
Jimin: I’m , I was wrong.
V: Hyung, I’m sorry. We’re friends. Really~
RM: Yeah, things are hard for me these days. I’m tired, so… Aaah, my shoulder hurts.
V: We’re finished now~ aah~
J-Hope: Are your shoulder okay?
RM: Ah, I don’t know.
JK: Wow I almost fell asleep while washing up.
All: Hahahhahahahaha!!
Jin: I don’t know why, but I feel like that’s possible.
RM: Yeah, you did that the other time.
JK: Aah~ seriously.
J-Hope: Really, so tiring~
Jin: Just like sitting on the ground or something.
RM: When I saw earlier, V looked like he was gonna die.
JK: But I surprisingly get a lot of motivation from V-hyung.
RM: Maybe that’s why he wasn’t singing?
JM&Jin: Hahhaha!
V: Aaah, seriously. Stop being like this!~
RM: You looked like you were having a hard time. You must have had such a hard time.
V: I said stop it! Aahhh seriously~
Jin: Stop, stop.
J-Jope: Not doing the dance properly as well.
RM: Hahahha~
Jin: Why are you like this.
J-Jope: But seriously, today INU was so great!
JK: Dope! Dope too. It was awesome.
J-Hope: Ah Dope! Dope was the best!
V: Yeah, were all great, but don’t you think Danger is the killer??
Jin: Ah, Danger…
RM: But with INU I can’t even imagine what it would be like if the “I need u girl” wasn’t in it. Everyone sings along to it. “I need u girl!”. You know, that bit.
Jimin: Right.
J-Hope: Suga-hyung wasn’t even rapping at the beginning.
Jin: Right, yeah. Suga wasn’t.
RM: Suga-hyung wasn’t rapping at all.
Jin: He was just like holding the mic.
V: Suga-hyung was just doing stuff like this.
Suga: Hey, I-i-i…
RM: He was just half-assing it.
Suga: I’ll just say one thing… Please just srew you.
J-Hope: Hahaha!
Suga: If you don’t even wanna do that…
RM: You just wanted to say that, didn’t you? Hahahaha.
Suga: No, if you just don’t even wanna do that…
Jin: That means your didn’t came out in INU!
Suga: Ah no, no…
Jimin: Ah, but…
J-Hope: It came out well, that’s for sure.
Jin: Yeah~
Jimin: I felt good to be honest, when Suga-hyung didn’t rap but everyone sang along anyway.
JK: HYYH is so good.
Jin: Okay, but imagine this.
RM: There were so many people there as well and it just felt so good.
Jin: Right, but we just BAM! Opened our eyes and we’re practicing for NMD in the training room, how would you feel?
Jimin: No, I don|t like it. I’m not going back.
V: No, then I’ll just go down a different path.
Jin: Okay, you go down for another path.
RM: That’s it. You’re doing NMD right now, eating only chicken breast.
Jimin: Hahaha~
Jin: Aaa! No, no, I can’t!
RM: You’re with that cold argilla chicken breast.
V: Seriously, the manager-hyung. What about when you sneaked salt in with the chicken breast and got caught?
Jin: Oh no, no, no, no!
RM: My perm hair…
Jin: Like seriously, this is just like a dream. INU “I need u!” is all a dream.
Suga: But seriously…
RM: But sometimes it does seems like a dream.
V: No, seriously…
Suga: No, it’s not just that…
J-Hope: Don’t say things like that~ Hahahha.
RM: Back in the day when I used to eat World Cone, but now I’m doing world tour.
Suga: Okay, okay.
Jin: Your sense of humor have significantly dropped.
RM: *act cute*
Suga: These things get cut out immediately.
RM: *act cute again*
Suga: Okay, but seriously. This could be a dream… like, to be honest. There were a lot of korean artists did well with one song. But I always think we should do well with one song first, then go further.
RM: That’s true.
Suga: I’m little anxious ’cause it’s not like our title song has come out yet or anything.
RM: Right.
Jin: Aahh, this kid has a talent in drowning the mood.
J-Hope: Suddenly it feels like a Titanic.
Jin: Yeah, hahaha~
RM: Right before it sinks.
Jin: It’s been overthrown.
J-Hope: Ah, YoonGi-hyung just happens to say something like this.
Jin: Riiight~Ahh~
Jimin: “The title hasn’t even come out yet.”
J-Hope: I know, “the title hasn’t even…”
V: No, wait! Okay so the title will just have to come out well right?
Jin: Yeah.
Suga: What if it’s not good…
V: Then we just make it well, hm? Realease it and it’ll be a hit again!
JK: *imitating V*
All: Hahhahahahahaha~
V: Ahhh~ seriously~~
RM: Hey, you should just go to bed.
Jin: Right, going to bed suits you better.
RM: Yea, oh…
Jimin: You usually don’t say anything.
RM: Now I wanna ask Hobi. Tell me about your expectation for our music this time.
Jin: Hobi, what do you think?
J-Hope: I think we’ll do well.
All: Hahahahhahahaha!!~
Jin: Aigoo, noo!
V: Shut up, shut up. You guys are so noisy…
J-Hope: Yea, we’re not gonna do well.
RM: But kids, our youth is bright.
J-Hope: Ou yea~
RM: When we go back to Korea, Bang PD-nim will prepared incredible track for us.
Jimin: Why are you being like this, hihihihi~
Jin: We can say no to our worries.
RM: Ah, but our worries-
All: Ahahahahhaha~
Jin: WHY, WHY??! WHY??!!!
Suga: Ah, these kids…
V: Ahhh, seriously~
RM: Okay, but the why I think we don’t have to worry is that… Even today we performed in front of 5 000 people, ah seriously…
J-Hope: Almost 7 000 people.
RM: 7 000 people?
Suga: 6 000.
RM: Almost 7 000 people…

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