ALBUM: Rittzmas by Rittz

Rittzmas by Rittz Album Download
Rittzmas by Album Download

Rittzmas by Album Download

Rittzmas by Rittz. drops a new album titled Rittzmas. Get into some holiday cheer with new project, “Rittzmas.”
Hip-hop certainly claimed its stake in holiday but maybe, not as big as one would hope. Let’s face it, holiday music is typically a drag because it’s usually just covers of the same 5-10 Christmas songs. However, we’ve received some holiday cheer in the form of A Dipset Christmas by Jim Jones, Christmas On Death Row and the list continues.


Rittzmas by Rittz Album Tracklist:

1. Santa Comes Again (Intro)
2. 12 Days of Rittzmas
3. Daweedgotmehigh (feat. Lil Wyte)
4. Xxxmas Bells
5. I Saw Mommy
6. December (feat. Ekoh & Candice)
7. Come All Ye
8. Christmas Spirit
9. Silent Night (feat. Candice)
10. Drunk on Christmas (feat. Candice)


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